embark on a beautiful adventure

photos that hit you right in the feels

Maybe you picture your session or event on the traditional side, or maybe a little more on the funky side. Either way, my main goal is for your photos to feel completely and unapologetically you.

Perhaps you're looking for a photographer to be goofy AF with you and your partner. Maybe you need someone you can trust to capture life's most special moments and accomplishments. Whatever your needs, I'm here to help.

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helping you feel your best

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dare to do things your way

Do you need someone who understands that preserving the precious moments that happen with the people you love most and crafting a real connection with you are the two most important things?

I want you to enjoy every wonderful moment of your session. You need someone there that you trust to capture it all just how it happens, while you look and feel your best.



the weirdo behind the camera

Hey there, I'm Jacquelyn

I'm an inclusive photographer who focuses on true-to-life images with a photojournalistic approach. I'll give you pointers on how to take a great photo, but I'm all about the feeling. Things I'm great at include: making people laugh, responding to my clients a little too quickly, and dancing my way through your session, camera in hand.

I am based in Alabama, but available coast to coast so wherever life takes you, I am willing and able to come along for the ride.

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love notes from my clients

"Jacquelyn made me feel comfortable enough to look my best"

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love notes from my clients

"I'm not used to being photographed but she made it so easy"

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