Hi, I'm Jacquelyn Dolly.

I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy taking part in including: yoga, reading, tennis, crafts, hiking, etc. My favorite books are Crime and Punishment and Frankenstein. My favorite film genre is Horror. I am a dog and cat lover and owner, tea and coffee enthusiast, and plant mother.

My father was in the Army so I grew up traveling a lot and gained an appreciation for the world around me and all of the beautiful people in it. I was born in Germany and someday, I'm going to go back.

My dog Meeko and cat Willow are my children whom I love to snuggle and cuddle up to on cold days! I have always been surrounded by animals and I wouldn't have it any other way. I even was a dog-sitter for some time.

I like to sing way too loudly in the car, make all kinds of different voices, I'm ALWAYS changing my hair color, and just generally trying to have a good time. Relationships are my livelihood and as your photographer, I want to be a person you can trust and someone you will enjoy being around!

Huntsville Alabama lifestyle and wedding photographer
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huntsville alabama photographer


I graduated from Auburn University in December 2019 with a BSBA in Marketing. Obtaining that degree has taught me valuable skills that I use to run a thriving and gratifying business environment. My passion for nature, need for work-life balance, and necessity to supply meaningful work makes me the hard worker that I am.


Every business relationship should be based on respect and professionalism. I stay up to date on industry standards and continue to grow my business to not only meet, but to exceed those standards. I believe that a sense of community with those around you is the key to making both work and life meaningful. Without others, none of us would be where we are today.


I have more than 6 years of experience with shooting, booking, and editing photos. In that time, I created artistic albums showcasing nature, expression, and life. As a photographer, I have a love for artistic expression and creativity, and as a business professional I understand the complexity that comes with being a freelance and independent contractor.