In any client-business relationship there are certain must haves that should exists between them that help to protect one another and make everything clear. The following must haves between client and photographer help ensure a healthy relationship that will leave both parties satisfied with the services provided.

4 Must Haves Between CLient and photographer


Contracts not only protect the photographer but also the client as well. These documents clearly outline all expectations between both parties but also explains the services and describes the details of the session. It is especially important to have a contract for a wedding because you need to be protected in a scenario that prevents the wedding from happening or the photographer from attending. Most contracts include a print release or a copyright release of some sort that will allow the client to use and share the photos without any kind of backlash from the photographer who owns the photos. Make sure to read each clause in the contract carefully to make sure that you understand completely what you are booking even if you aren't paying for anything yourself. Contracts protect you from "he said, she said" situations. You can clearly refer to the document and the agreement that you made.


From the first meeting between client and photographer, before you even book, establishing a good line of communication and setting expectations for future communication is imperative. Your photographer is going to be capturing important photo memories whether it's family photos, an engagement announcement, a wedding, or graduation, you want to build a relationship with this person. You don't want just some stranger showing up with a camera and standing around during some of the happiest and most important moments of your life. Committing to open communication also helps each of you to set clear expectations and boundaries. You don't want to be blowing up each other's phones or texting at all hours of the night. Be honest and communicate frequently to ensure a smooth journey with your photographer so your session day will go off without a hitch- unless it's a wedding day ;) .

Mutual Respect & Trust

A good goal to have for the photographer that you hire is for you to be able to trust them. Respect the experience and knowledge that they have and trust them to do a good job. They are the professionals here and respecting their business and work ethic will help them to trust you as a client as well. When you build a relationship with your photographer, you can both rest easy because you understand each other and can trust one another to do their part. There are hundreds of photographers out there, so finding one you can rely on is a big deal. Not every photographer is going to be right for you, and that's okay. Building this trust and respect helps stop issues from rising. If issues do come up, you can talk about them in a respectful, mature way.


Like the contract, another document that is among the must haves between client and photographer is the invoice. It is important to keep any documents that are signed or involve financial information as a record, especially for weddings. You want to make sure that you have undeniable proof that you have paid the agreed upon amount and that there are no other financial responsibilities on your part. If you are responsible for damages, you want evidence that you have remedied the situation through an invoice so that there can be no denying you did your part. It is generally a good rule to keep a record of all documentation passed between client and photographer. Some people may also need an invoice for tax purposes.

set yourself up for a successful photography experience

These must haves between client and photographer will help ensure a smooth and successful relationship that protects each party. While creating beautiful photo memories, you don't want to be worried about being on different pages or not understanding one another. Set clear expectations and build a relationship with your photographer to get the most out of your photography services.