JDolly Photography Logo

JDP needed a logo that would catch the eye and be pleasant to look at. The gold and charcoal lettering is contrasting and bold. The hexagon alludes to the internal lens of a camera when the shutter is pressed, a hexagonal shape is made.

Design Package starting at $50

Earthen Vibez Logo

Earthen Vibez mantra “Gifts from the Earth, to reflect your inner light” is evident in this design with its clay and forest green colors. The large crystals in the design tell you exactly what to expect from this authentic and natural jewelry company.

Design Package starting at $50

Will M. Johnson Logo

This brand needed a very clean and modern style and font for this logo. They wanted to put more emphasis on their values and a polished design fits that best.

Design Package starting at $50

Color Palettes

Specific Colors

Each design package includes a color palette that includes the specific colors in the design as well as a complimentary color.

Included in design pricing

Multiple Uses

Having the color combination makes it easy to create other designs that portray your logo colors accurately and vibrantly.

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Give me a few details or ideas to start with and I will draft up a design for you. I want your input in this process.

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